Hello ,

Good morning from kawaguchi lake at K’s house Kawaguchiko

Mt.fuji san Japan 2012.


Smiling time will be happen in a positive person.

After they worked so hard ,

They should get something in their life as  a bonus after they worked had done.


Giving  the best thing for life . 

For us , we love travelling around the place that we felt in love that place . 


At that time , Many people ask me why I choose  Japan because ,

The weather is very cool  .Why we choose Japan?

For me, it does not matter even if I heard that has the earthquake at there so

many time and also it has no one can speak Japanese at all. 

 Many people ask me all the time. Why I choose Japan for my trip as so as I

heard that the weather is too cool.


 Lake  Kawaguchi

In The morning


It has not reason  for us because ,sometimes we have no answer more than our deeping

in our heart want to be there.

It has no reason at all.

Don’t you think?



After, anyone have got a working time so hard when we found a worst flood in my

country in October.


My little sister and youngest brother persuade me to visit Japan with

them in adventure trip .


It also has a promotion time in a low season from Japan trip of Thai airway co., Ltd .

So, she asked me and anyone in this trip.

 Shall we book the ticket for Japan Trip ??

My Little sister  sent me SMS though my cell phone.

It has no use Visa in some places in Japan too after they had got Tsunami crisis at there.



Undoubledly , I said ..Shall we go in the early February ???

Theat sound so great !!It has 7 people accepted this idea for sighting seeing Japan at

once .



We have two little brothers going with us.

We should charging bettery for life  again after we work so hard during worst flood in our



In your life you should give the big bonus for yourself.


From Kawaguchikoo Japan




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