hAnxen: 変身

ขอให้ไอ้ไจล์ ลงนรกไปซะเร็วๆ

คลิปไอ้เหลี่ยมจ้อสื่อนอก ด่าศาล (อีกแล้ว)ครับทั่น


May I wrote this article in English since Fucksin ah.. Thaksin was speaking in English too. Even if my English is not good, I’m sure it’s not worse than this Dr. from Sam Houston University.


I just back from Don Muang Ariport where I went for 5 days in a role.  Today, there were so many people and it’s better that what I thought.  Mr. Sondhi went there to cover up the romur that he already left Thailand for good.  I found this clib from Mthai.com, the website that is running under Thaksin’s network. From this link  http://talk.mthai.com/topic/38501 .




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